Personal Development

Like both literacy and numeracy, the personal development outcomes are also based upon the VCAL model and they aim to develop students self esteem and personal qualities. The emphasis is on valuing personal achievement and contributions for the benefit of community to ensure personal growth. Personal Development focuses on leadership, teamwork skills, accepting responsibility for goal attainment and reflecting on knowledge and skills for decision-making and problem solving. Students are given credit for involvement in other local curricula eg. EDAS, Neighbourhood Renewal, SES, CFA, Martial Arts Therapy, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Landcare and Victorian Youth Development programs. To support the individual needs of each student the level of work they complete varies from a Pathway 1, Pathway 2 or Foundation VCAL level.

The program is divided into two units.

Unit one outcomes:

1. Plan and organize a simple activity.
2. Solve problems specific to an established goal.
3. Demonstrate knowledge specific to an established goal.
4. Demonstrate skills specific to an established goal.
5. Demonstrate teamwork skills.

Unit two outcomes:

1. Plan and organise a health or community service goal/activity.
2. Clarify the rights and responsibilities of all participants in a group/team activity.
3. Plan and organise a health or community service goal/activity.
4. Work effectively as a group member.
5. Communicate effectively to resolve conflict and/or for a self advocacy purpose.

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