The literacy component of the Berengarra School Pathways program is based upon the VCAL model and they complete all the learning outcomes mentioned below. To support the individual needs of each student the level of work they complete varies from a Pathway 1, Pathway 2 or Foundation VCAL level. The learning outcomes studied are ORACY – the spoken component of VCAL Literacy and incorporates 4 outcomes:English1a

  1. Self Expression – telling a story.
  2. Knowledge – giving an informative talk.
  3. Practical Purposes- Giving spoken instructions.
  4. Problem Solving- Sharing in classroom debates.

READING AND WRITING –incorporates 8 outcomes:

  1. Writing for Self Expression – writing a short story.
  2. Writing for Knowledge – writing simple information to teach others.
  3. Writing for Practical Purposes – writing simple instructions to teach others.
  4. Writing for Public Debate – writing your opinion on a public issue.
  5. Reading for Self Expression – read and review song lyrics or a story/ movie.
  6. Reading for Knowledge – read and review information.
  7. Reading for Practical Purposes – reading instructions such as a recipe.
  8. Reading for Public Debate – reading and reviewing opinions on a public issue.