Model Making

Model making is an elective offered at Berengarra School at least once a year. It gives the students the opportunity to be involved in an activity that is non-threatening, but at the same time very challenging.

The students select their model from a catalogue, then after purchasing it at the local shop, they spend the rest of the term constructing and painting the model. As the elective runs for a whole term, the students are encouraged to select a model with a high degree of complexity. The elective helps students develop fine motor skills as well as tap into their creative side.

Throughout the elective we build and reinforce skills such as, independence, ownership, resilience, responsibility, communication, reading, concentration, perseverance and time management.

This elective covers a whole term and most students can finish their model on time. However, if they are not able to complete their model, they can always take it home to complete during the holidays.