Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Berengarra School is taught as both a core and elective subject.

Our program has been planned to have flexibility to give each student some “ownership” in the projects that he or she will undertake.

It is recognised that students attending Berengarra School, benefit from exposure to a range of media and topics which challenge their imagination and manual dexterity. Throughout their lives, each student will come into daily contact with the principles and elements of design in the visual arts. These principles include unity, harmony, balance, rhythm, contrast, dominance and gradation. The elements are line, shape, space/size, value, colour and texture. By collecting information and solving design problems in the classroom context, the student’s ability to discriminate and make informed choices is enhanced throughout their life with regards to their environment.

There is also the enjoyment of the arts through drawing, painting, modelling and constructing. Students can increase their understanding of the visual arts, leading in many cases, to a lifelong interest and involvement. Also, the therapeutic nature inherent whilst undertaking the arts is a major component of the Berengarra School curriculum.

Many students come to Berengarra School with a background of poor academic achievement and exhibiting low self-esteem. Many are scared of failure and need constant encouragement and support. The art program at Berengarra School recognises these students’ needs and endeavours to build self-confidence.