Health Education

Health Education is a core subject at Berengarra School.  At The Box Hill North campus it is known as ‘Managing Me’ and at Berengarra School’s Pathways program it is known as ‘Personal Development’.

Focusing on both inter and intra personal learning, the health education program covers three aspects of health, mental, physical and social health. We use three main therapeutic modalities at the core of this subject: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy.

Berengarra School uses a whole school approach and subject matter is delivered in all aspects of contact with students, in the classroom, discipline, counselling, ESG’s, home group and assemblies. Each student’s physical, social and emotional development is continually discussed and worked on throughout each term. We focus on the health of each student, involving their families and community, including a range of different health-related services and products available.

A major focus of Heath Education is to create a healthy bond between group members and teachers, to instil knowledge that will help students understand and consider personal and community rights and responsibilities and to increase physical, social and emotional health.

The table below outlines the areas that the health education program at Berengarra School covers:


  •   Helpful thinking and self-talk
  •   Emotion recognition and regulation
  •   Life problem solving
  •   Relaxation and stress management
  •   Planning and time management
  •   Self-esteem
  •   Nutrition
  •   Anger management
  •   Goal setting and scaling
  •   Career education
  •   Drug education
  •   Life story work


  •   Communication skills
  •   Relationships
  •   Sex education
  •   Bullying
  •   Cyber safety
  •   Social skills development
  •   Conflict resolution
  •   Community service
  •   The law
  •   Team building and team work