The Drama program builds students’ confidence through the development of improvisation and play building techniques. Students learn the difference between character, role and other modes of performance.  They create group devised presentations that are based on teamwork and trust, as well as developing physical skills in voice and movement and anDrama1 top hat understanding of staging techniques and conventions.  Students also rehearse scripts for short film projects, which combine all of the elements of drama.

DRAMA at Berengarra School

Drama at Berengarra School is taught both as a core subject and electives are offered during the year, giving students the opportunity to develop their own work, attend theatre tours, workshops and live performances.

Classes begin with group warm ups, which encourage coordination, body awareness, eye contact, teamwork and plenty of fun.  Story building activities often emerge from students’ personal experiences, likes and dislikes and this encourages active listening and group discussion.

More complex improvisation techniques come into play with specific games, such as ‘Park Bench,’ or ‘Space Jump’, which involve the students ‘making offers’ to start a scene.  Accepting this process is an essential part of the drama student’s development.  Students also enjoy working with masks, props and costumes. Working in role or character allows them to explore new ideas and often gives students the opportunity to feel safe and more confident to express themselves.drama2 mask

A very important element of the Berengarra School drama program is practising the ‘art of positive feedback’.  Students are encouraged to talk to the group about what they enjoyed about their own experience and also what they particularly enjoyed about someone else’s work.  This process is an invaluable technique, which develops positive self-talk and an understanding of how to support others, as they build confidence and skills in drama.

The drama room at Berengarra School is a place where students are encouraged to explore their creative potential in a safe and respectful environment, while developing skills that will be useful in all aspects of their lives.