Physical Education

The Physical Education and Outdoor Education program at Berengarra School recognises and incorporates the Learning Area of VELS for physical, social and personal learning.

Physical Education is offered as a core subject that is completed by each home group for two periods per week.  Student driven games and sports are democratically decided upon by the home group at the beginning of each term and conducted for two to three sessions. Activities and skills are built upon each week so students are able to experience progression and see their skills develop. Students participate in activities which allow them to achieve, no matter what their skill level. They are challenged by the activities, achieving a sense of accomplishment from their individual performance.

Emphasis is placed on building social skills through the teaching of appropriate communication, reading verbal cues and body language, working as a team and developing sportsmanship, fair play and leadership skills.

An underlying intention of Physical Education is for students to learn to modify their behaviour through changing their thought processes and regulating emotions. With practice, it is hoped that students begin to make better decisions. Debriefing and class discussion are used regularly to aid this process. Putting students into different situations where they may be out of their comfort zone requires them to make quick decisions that will affect the state of play, themselves and their peers.

Leadership is an integral part of each Physical Education lesson. Each student is given the chance to lead the group in an activity or sport with assistance from the teacher. It is their responsibility to deliver effective and stimulating skill drills and games as well as appropriately implementing school rules and regulations. Through this process, students are able to see things from a different perspective i.e. teacher or parent and learn to consider others during the decision making process.

Students have fun and through this, realise the satisfaction in participating and experiencing the new and unfamiliar. Students experience activities that they can continue to be involved in throughout their life.

Activities include: tee-ball, cricket, lacrosse, archery, volleyball, tennis, cycling, golf, walking, swimming, aquatics, hockey, football, touch rugby, basketball, badminton, gymnastics, trampolining, hockey, soccer, minor games and circuit activities.