The ability to use language in its receptive and expressive modes enables people to create and organise meaning, to deal with experiences, to interpret the past, understand the present and anticipate the future. English carries the major responsibility for advancing students’ language and literacy development. Learning to use their own language well empowers students, so they can act within their world with greater understanding and communicate clearly with others.

The majority of Berengarra School students arrive with a negative attitude towards reading and writing and with very poor study skills. Generally, they have poor organisation skills and a lack of confidence.

Initial literacy testing has shown that the literacy level of many incoming students is usually two or more years below their age/grade level. Students also often have a range of learning difficulties. Other students, with competent language development may have specific difficulties that require individual remediation or extension programs to enhance their skills.

The Berengarra School English Curriculum is designed to accommodate the linguistic, cultural and social differences of students, fostering self-esteem and confidence by building students competency.