Pinky Mckay

Hi Mark- feel free to use this whenever/wherever you like.

I sent a bright happy child to school and watched helplessly as his self-esteem eroded to a learning difficulty. At secondary school my son’s confidence was so completely destroyed that he was having panic attacks at the thought of attending school.

Various professionals advised completely inappropriately ‘help’ such as “tough love”, “extra homework”, or mother blamed: I was told I hadn’t exposed my child to enough language – I am an author and have read to all of our children since birth. I also have four older, tertiary educated children who have read to their younger sibling.

After almost a term of ‘school refusal’ I took my son to Berengarra School. Despite seeing several professionals, none recommended Berengarra School but I had edited “Choosing a School four You Child” and wondered – could this be the answer?

Indeed it was! Now, I have my confident son back, AND he has developed literacy skills. These days he wouldn’t dream of missing school and is able to support other anxious students.

Thankyou Berengarra School teachers for your understanding and support.

Parent Letter