I came to Berengarra School because I was really struggling with authority at my previous school, and I got involved in things that were stupid and I made lots of bad decisions and always misbehaved.

Being at Berengarra School these past few weeks have changed me allot because I have seen the kind of people that I easily could have turned into if I continued with that behaviour I displayed at my old school. At Berengarra School I feel a lot more calm about going to school knowing that my teachers aren’t “out to get me” or anything like that and that the spotlight isn’t put on me as the BAD KID like it was before.

The best thing about Berengarra School is that I feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed and I actually enjoy going to school and now that I rarely get into trouble anymore I know that there’s a purpose going rather than going to cause trouble or getting myself into trouble.

Next year I will be leaving Berengarra School to go to either Emmaus College or a different school around my area.