Student Stories


Fletcher was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome when he was 6 years old – this combined with his very high intelligence (IQ of 145) has made Fletcher a very interesting, very different child from his peers causing loads of challenges for … Read more


I have been at Berengarra School for just over 18 months. Before I found Berengarra School I was a school refuser, I would go to school maybe 2 half days a week at the most. I would lye in bed and … Read more


Before attending Berengarra School, I was in a pretty bad situation: my family was destitute, and I was borderline homeless, as my mother (I am from a single parent family) had severe, untreated depression and a chronic illness and could … Read more

Pinky Mckay

Hi Mark- feel free to use this whenever/wherever you like. I sent a bright happy child to school and watched helplessly as his self-esteem eroded to a learning difficulty. At secondary school my son’s confidence was so completely destroyed that … Read more


I came to Berengarra School because I was really struggling with authority at my previous school, and I got involved in things that were stupid and I made lots of bad decisions and always misbehaved. Being at Berengarra School these … Read more


I came to Berengarra School because I got into a fight with another student and I was swearing and I kept getting sent home for swearing at other students. My work was good but my behaviour towards other students was … Read more


What brought me to Berengarra School was that I couldn’t go into a mainstream school and survive, because I was disruptive and always wanted to stuff around, and never do work. I tried, at Pembroke, and failed miserably. Berengarra School … Read more