Killara Street Program

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A trauma-informed model of education for middle-school students in years 5-7

Berengarra School is excited to be piloting a unique new educational setting for students in years 5-7 from backgrounds of early-life trauma. This may include exposure to violence, disruptions in attachments, abuse or neglect.

Informed by the Berry Street Education Model, Killara Street will utilise simple and effective strategies to help students develop skills to regulate their emotions, build positive relationships with others and fully engage with learning.killara st image girl

Killara Street is being built from the ground up to be a safe, fun, inclusive, consistent and flexible learning environment where healing can occur along-side learning.

With high expectations on educational-outcomes it is expected that Killara Street will have life-changing results, with the plan for all students to return to a mainstream school or be supported to finish their secondary education with Berengarra School or another specialist setting.

With expert teachers, responsive and understanding support staff Killara Street will offer some of our most vulnerable and at-risk children a chance to be educated in a setting that meets their needs, is respectful of their individuality and hopeful about their future.Killara st image reading

All inquiries: Marianne Wray Coordinator Killara Street Program

Ph: 9898 9167


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