Pet Elective

The pet elective was initially devised to accommodate a pet therapy program for students to visit the animals to regulate their emotions in a relaxed, controlled and safe environment with the affection from our rabbit, sooty and guinea pigs, rum and raisin.

The Students researched appropriate pets, enclosures and general care of the animals via the internet and through visits and information sessions with Myuna Farm and the RSPCA. With good work ethic and teamwork they then designed and built the enclosure and sourced our pets.

During this elective our students also organised a pet day where the school community brought their pets along and enjoyed a BBQ and a number of competitions which included naming our pets.

The Pet Elective has now developed into learning about native animals and the care of pets though organisations such as the RSPCA, Myuna Farm, Collingwood Children’s Farm, Animal Xposure, Guide Dogs

Victoria, Animal Aid, Edgars Mission and the Lost Dogs Home. Sooty, Rum and Raisin are in great health and very well cared for with much love and affection from our students.