Kirby – Therapy Dog

Meet Kirby

My name is Kirby, I am half Chihuahua and half French Bulldog and I am new to Berengarra School.

I am a therapy dog which meansKirby it is my job to make Berengarra School students happy and relaxed and keep people entertained. I am very good at all these things. I am only young, just a year old so can get excited sometimes. My favourite things to do at Berengarra are have a back scratch or cuddle on someone’s lap, play tug-of-war with my toys and scavenge for scraps all around the place. I also like to join in PE classes sometimes. The Berengarra kids all love me and it is often that I have multiple sets of hands giving me a pat. I am everyone’s best friend and get so happy when someone new enters a room.

I did not have an easy start to life. I was born with a cleft palate meaning I had to be fed by hand with a syringe for the first few months. While this was hard, it means I am very used to being handled by people. I also got abandoned in a house for ten days before being rescued, but I survived. Now I live with the school counsellor Marianne and my new family and come to Berengarra School as my day job. Kirby , the “wonder dog”


The Berengarra School students were nice enough to make me my very own special cushion in art class. A lot of work went into this and it made me feel very special. It is now my favourite place to have a sleep when I am at work. Thankyou to Gibson and Simpson home group stu-dents for making my very comfy cushion.